About Us

About the co-founders DSJohnson
    It's been a long struggling journey for us to get here from
Living check to check sleeping in cars being a single parent to two toddlers not
being able to trust or gain support from peers nor family members. All the while pushing towards our goals nothing got in the way of our dreams of
making people feel sooo pretty and good about themselves as we do whatever the
    To say the least it hasn't really been Sooo Pretty until now. We're here  launching Sooo Pretty the company of our dreams. Our vision was to create a
place where you could find everything that could help you think feel and be sooo
pretty. We personally researched and hand picked our products that are in season
and trending right now. 
    Due to the fact that we have been there and have a heart to make a change 10 percent of all proceeds will go to organizations helping the homeless,
battered and abused men and women and feed the children in effort to pay it
forward. We are very passionate about these things and thank you in advance for
your help and support. 
    So hope you enjoy your experience at Sooo Pretty it's great you are
here luv ya DSJohnson